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Oatly Matcha Latte Recipe

Oatly Matcha Latte

I’m going to show you how to make an Oatly matcha latte! I made this Oatly matcha latte recipe using 3 simple ingredients, matcha, Oatly barista blend, & monk fruit sugar. It’s that easy to make & enjoy in 3 minutes! Enjoying an Oatly matcha latte is the perfect way […]

Weight Gain Smoothie

Weight Gain Smoothie

This weight gain smoothie recipe makes a delicious chocolate banana smoothie to help gain weight. You can add espresso or coffee if you drink this smoothie in the morning when you need a little bit of caffeine to start your day. That’s what I do! This chocolate banana weight gain […]

Restaurant Style Vegan Ceasar (Blood Mary) Recipe

Classic Canadian Vegan Ceasar Recipe (Bloody Mary)

The Ceasar recipe has been a point of contention for a very long time, especially when people find out what’s in Clamato juice (hint it’s clam juice, yuck). The alternative was always the Bloody Mary, but let’s be honest that just isn’t as good! That’s where this Vegan Ceasar recipe […]